Take part!


We’re going to run our popular Living Advent Calendar Window celebration from 1st to 24th December. All you do is decorate a single window in your home in a Christmas theme and “open” it on a particular day on or before 6:30pm each evening…..here’s an example from last year to whet your appetite!

Want to join in?

EITHER – pop in to The Cottage Gallery in The Borough and talk to Jan Daintree about reserving one of the date slots between 1st & 24th December and then start planning & designing your window.

OR – if you can’t get in to The Cottage Gallery, Click here and apply for a date – Jan will be in touch and book a date slot.

Living Advent Calendar Wedmore

From 1st to 24th December 2020 we’ll be opening up a different “Living Advent Calendar” display in a real window in someone’s house in the village, and created especially by that household, every evening at 6:30pm. The arrangements will be different from previous years due to COVID

We hope that as many householders in Wedmore as possible will want to take part. We do believe our “Living Advent Calendar” one of the family stories we will come to tell that helps give our community it’s identity!

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